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The Fate of the Tearling

Description from Goodreads:

In less than a year, Kelsea Glynn has grown from an awkward teenager into a powerful monarch and a visionary leader.

And as she has come into her own as the Queen of the Tearling, she has transformed her realm. But in her quest to end corruption and restore justice, she has made many enemies – chief among them the evil and feared Red Queen, who ordered the armies of Mortmesne to march against the Tear and crush them.

To protect her people from such a devastating invasion, Kelsea did the unthinkable – naming the Mace, the trusted head of her personal guards, Regent in her place, she surrendered herself and her magical sapphires to her enemy. But the Mace will not rest until he and his men rescue their sovereign from her prison in Mortmesne.

So, the endgame has begun and the fate of Queen Kelsea – and the Tearling itself – will be revealed…

With The Fate of the Tearling, Erika Johansen draws her unforgettable story full of magic and adventure to a thrilling close.


The Fate of the Tearling by Erika Johansen has 496 pages and was published in 2016 by Harper.

Johansen answers most of the questions from the previous books in this latest installment of the trilogy. The reader gains more understanding of the “Crossing” and why the events are unfolding as they are.

The Fate of the Tearling is a powerful thrill ride with more action and suspense than the first two in the trilogy. The characters continue to develop and Johansen manages to bring them to life in a way the reader can relate to. She creates masterful protagonists and villians with depth, depicting them with realistic strengths and flaws. There are times you hate them and times you love them. Either way, her writing style helps invest the reader in the outcome of this characters.

Speaking of which, the ending of this book is by no means a crowd pleaser. Just take a look at the online reviews and you will understand. Personally, I did not particularly like or dislike the ending. It didn’t give you that feeling of satisfaction that you enjoy at the end of a good series. But maybe that’s the point. Maybe it left just a little bit of wiggle room for one more book. Guess we will just have to wait and see.

Be forewarned, there are some very adult elements in this book. However, in my opinion, they play a very limited role in the story.

This book is not recommended for readers that love endings tied up neatly leaving you with the feeling that all is right with the world.

Rated: 3 Plot Monster Spiders


Notable Quotes:

“These people are so damned proud of their hatred! Hatred is easy, and lazy to boot. It’s love that demands effort, love that exacts a price from each of us. Love costs; this is its value.”
― Erika JohansenThe Fate of the Tearling

“Lady, if you don’t wake up, I’m going to have you baptized.”
― Erika JohansenThe Fate of the Tearling

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