Me too

So on a serious note, I have seen the following post floating around on facebook for a few days:

Me too.

If all the people who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote “Me too.” as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.

Some of the posters choose to share their story while others simply post “Me too.”  In some ways I think this is a wonderful thing.  After all, it can only help to bring awareness to such a massive problem in our society.  On the other hand, it saddens me that there is such a need.

I think it is important to talk about this with young people.  Sexual predators look for people they can manipulate.  They look for people who won’t speak up.  The victims need to know that it is not their fault.  They need to know that they are the victims.  However, they can recover and live a strong, healthy life despite this victimization.

I think it is important to recognize that this type of trauma happens to males as well as females.  I think sometimes it is harder for a male to talk about these things as society typically scoffs at the offense.  Strange how we always find a way to blame the victim.  If it’s a woman, she was asking for it by wearing suggestive clothing.  If it’s a male, he really wanted it or should be thankful that he got it.  

I think it is important that we tell our youngsters they are not to blame.  It is okay to say no.  It is okay to fight back.  IT IS OKAY TO TELL SOMEONE.



15 thoughts on “Me too

  1. mypeacockbooks says:

    I didn’t know this was happening. So many people have always felt like they can’t speak out but this is a good idea, even if people don’t share maybe saying ‘me too’ will help them to feel like they can open up to someone sometimes if they want to.

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  2. BrizzleLass says:

    Very good points, I spent a couple of hours yesterday reading people’s stories then sharing mine. I like that the dialogue was opened and that people who may not have talked about their experiences before feel safe opening up. That is powerful.

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  3. heidifowler83 says:

    Thank you for your encouragment. I kept quiet for too long about what happened to me…I blamed myself for over a year, cause i didn’t fight harder to make him stop. I was blamed by the person who touched me multiple times that he was so hurt when he didn’t “get me” in the end, when he knew i didn’t want him to, he knew i was married and wouldn’t leave me alone. I kept wondering how i had changed into the kind of person that lets someone touch me and not speak out against it with more boldness. After a year+ i finally realized i shouldn’t be blaming myself for him being inappropriate with me, that what had been happening was infact him sexually assaulting me. He had me believing it was my fault with his condescending words. After i finally understood what had happened and told my story through my blog, i felt some relief, just not fully over it yet. I hope to see more women and men standing up for themselves and being more supportive to one another.


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