The Backup Bunny

Description from Goodreads:

Everybody needs a backup plan, especially when you lose your favorite toy.

When Max loses his favorite toy—Bunny—his clever mom brings out the “backup bunny”—Fluffy—to save the day. Fluffy is thrilled to have the chance to play with Max, but is soon rejected by the observant child who notices that his ears are too new and perky. Can Fluffy find a way into his favorite boy’s heart?

The Backup Bunny will keep you laughing and inspire you to make room for another favorite story.


Thank you to Netgalley, North South Books Inc., Abigail Rayner and Greg Stones for providing this e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Great illustrations.  On the surface, this is a cute, funny story.  This is a story that so many moms can relate to.  The Backup Bunny is a book about a young boy that loses his favorite stuffed animal.  Thankfully, mom has a backup in her sock drawer.  Unfortunately, Max recognizes that this is not his favorite toy but rather an impostor.  After throwing a tantrum, Max remembers where he left Bunny.  So, the impostor is thrown in back in the sock drawer.  But, wait.  Max throws another tantrum and is rewarded with both bunnies.  Eventually, Max even gets a third bunny.

Overall, I think this is a cute story.  However, I feel like any adult that reads this is going to have to explain that Max’s behavior is unacceptable.  In general, I do not like books to come with stipulations.

Rating:  3 Plot Monster Jr. Spiders


MDW original review.  Source:  Netgalley.


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