Diary of an Ogre

Description from Netgalley:

The world of ogres is endangered and their secrets could disappear with them. This diary unveils the many mysteries of their monstrous life: the famous fight clubs, the belching and spitting classes, never changing underwear—ever. A book that will shift your perception of ogres forever!

Dear Diary,
the end is near.
Ogres are not what they used to be
The world is changing, I fear.


Thank you to Netgalley, Crackboom! Books, Chouette Publishing, Valeria Dávila, Mónica López and Laura Aguerrebehere for the eARC I received in exchange for a fair review. The version I received was translated to English.

Diary of an Ogre has 17 pages and will be published on August 28, 2018.

Ogres are evolving and not everyone is happy about it. It seems that some ogres are bathing and changing their underwear far too frequently for old school ogres that believe in being filthy and smelly. One ogre decides to open a school to teach the new generation the art of being an ogre.

Diary of an Ogre is an absolutely adorable – er, horrific – book for young children. This book is beautifully written and illustrated. Pre-schoolers, as well as grade school children, are sure to love this grossly hilarious tale.

Recommended for fans of ooey, gooey, smelly monster books.

Rating:  5 Plot Monster  Jr. Spiders


MDW original review.  Source:  Netgalley.


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