Author Spotlight #2 – Cate McKoy

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Please help me in welcoming Cate McKoy today.

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What inspired you to be an author? 
When I was little in elementary school we used to have this little magazine publication called the ‘Weekly Reader’.  One day there was a story written by a 4th grader.  Being a 4th grader, it was the coolest thing I had ever seen.  A published 4th grader.  It made me take my writing more serious.
What genre do you write? 
When I have to choose one it’s Romance.  Elaborating, it’s contemporary romance.  But, my books encompass many different genres.  I guess the best way to describe is a multi-genre author.  Usually, that means an author that writes more than one genre.  For me, it means I have those different genres all in one story.  I love how some of my reviews have describe my books …”Best Romantic, suspense, thriller…”,  “…Something for everyone no matter the genre…action, romance, mystery..”, “Adult thriller”.
What is your current project? 
I am also a screenwriter.  I’ve written several screenplays for different writing contests.  I have a horror movie that made it to the final round.  I am working on making it into a full length novel.  I am also looking into getting my trilogy on audio-books.
What were you like as a child? 
I was a total introvert.  Very quiet, rarely spoke.  Well-behaved.      
Did you like to write then?  
Yes I did.  Poems and short stories.  I started writing full length novels when I was around 14 or 15.
What is your favorite book?  
It’s hard to choose just one.  But, I love the writing styles of Sandra Brown, Shannon Mckenna, Lauren Dane and of course, Stephen King.   
I love the ladies because they have a graphic way of writing and a descriptive style that feeds the imagination.  I can literally see their characters, the towns and the individual scenes in my head.  Love when it’s vivid but also allows me to add my own imagination.  I love Stephen King because I am a horror movie buff and I had seen a lot of his movies before ever reading his books.  I then read his work.  Needless to say I became an even bigger fan.  Lol and the man is a bit disturbed and brilliant.
What is your favorite book that you have written?  
Guarding Light      Why?  Book 1 of my trilogy is the one that started my ‘writing career’, where I was writing every day rather than viewing it as a hobby.
Do you ever use a pseudonym? 
Not really, my full name is Catherine Mckoy and I use Cate Mckoy to write.    Why or why not? If I accomplish my goals of becoming well-known, award winning and so forth, I want it to be my real name that is known.
Do you have a writing routine?  
I like to write every day, of course with life it may not always be possible to do that, especially if you have family, another job.  But I do try to do something every day, even if it’s a sentence.  When I am actually writing my ideal situation, is quiet, only my music through my headphones.  I didn’t get that much when writing my trilogy.  I am the mother of 5 and they all lived with me at the time and two of my grand-babies.  Needless to say, it was rarely quiet.
How do you decide on character names and plots?  
I try to use unique names for some of my characters, others are just names I like.  My plots often comes to me from a dream, conversations I’ve had.  When I got serious about my writing again, I had decided to have a signature.  I am a trained computer tech.  And I remember my programming professor telling us that a lot of programmers put back doors in the programs they write or as a signature a useless line of code that defines them, in case it ever becomes an issue who wrote the code.  I decided my signature for writing would be a big twist(s) or reveal.  It’s worked so far.
Are you a full time author or do you have a day job? 
Like many, I have a day job. lol  I am working until I get to that point where my writing is all I have to do.
What is your latest book and what was the inspiration for it?  
The one coming out later this month is book 2 of my spin-off series.  It’s main character, Bret Lincon, is from book 1 of the spin-off, Mackenzie’s Song.  I had originally intended the spin-off from the trilogy to be just one book, tying up loose ends from the trilogy.  But, many readers approached me about Bret’s story, hence the ‘Spin-off” turning into the ‘Spin-off Series’.
Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?  
My lessons learned advice would be, no matter how simple or easy the contract may seem, never sign anything without representation, someone in the know-how, a literary agent or lawyer.  Also, try not to put off writing, even if it’s a sentence, a word, write everyday, for if you are adding words you are advancing towards an ending.  And, that old adage ‘Write what you know’ is true.  It works and makes your work believable.  You always want your characters to be believed.  When in doubt, RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH!


Book 1 from amazon

Jack Gard and Catlyn Lyte become friends in high school. Although he cares for Catlyn, Jack refuses to get into a relationship with Catlyn, due to her age. Then Catlyn is raped and her world is torn apart when Jack sides with his best friend. Devastated, Catlyn flees Newburgh, NY. 25 years later, someone is raping and killing young black females in Jack Gard, Chief of Detectives’ hometown. Working against an escalating killer, Jack requests help from a special division of the FBI. Enter Supervisory Special Agent Catlyn Lyte. She has always done her job well but is wary of working with someone she doesn’t trust. Sparks fly between the two officials as Catlyn puts herself in the path of their quarry. Two ex-friends try to bury their differences to solve not only mystery of the Newburgh Slasher, but also the one that ruined their budding romance 25 years ago?


about the author

Cate is a life-time resident of a small upstate town about 60 minutes north of Manhattan. The only thing she loves more than being a writer is being a mom and a nana. She was blessed with a large family. Cate loves to read and write and participate in family oriented activities.
Cate has been a Jane of all trades and was formally trained as a technology analyst and computer tech.She has a completed series (The Dark Series Trilogy) which created a spin-off (Mackenzie’s Song: The Dark Series Trilogy Spin-off). . She screenwriter. To date, she has authored 3 screenplays:
Hudson Haven (horror) 2014
Forbidden Dimension (sci-fi) 2015
Blackout (action-thriller) 2016. 
Once she is done with the spin-off book, Cate plans to make all of her screenplays into full length novels, each with the same title.

Trilogy Spin off strip.png
Guarding Light: Book 1 of the Dark Series Trilogy
Strong Reflection: Book 2 of the Dark Series Trilogy
Double Dark: Book 3 of the Dark Series Trilogy
Mackenzie’s Song: Book 1 of the Spin-off Series


“The thriller, Guarding Light, with so many twists and turns keeps the reader guessing and turning the pages.”

– Brenchris, Amazon, Guarding Light (The Dark Series Trilogy)

“To describe it, I would have to say it was a mixture of romance with a little bit of suspense in the mix. The writing was smooth and engaging.”

– Bookcollector, Amazon, Strong Reflection: Book 2: The Dark Series Trilogy

“Once again, Cate Mckoy outdid herself. Her writing just keeps getting better with every release.”
– Michael Maneely, Amazon, Double Dark: Book 3 of The Dark Series Trilogy

“I couldn’t stop reading this series. This book especially, because I needed to know how it was going to end. Very suspenseful and intriguing. Looking forward to reading future books from Cate Mckoy.”

– A. Evans, Amazon, Mackenzie’s Song: The Dark Series Trilogy Spin-Off


So, what do you think?

Does Guarding Light spark your interest?

Let us know in the comments or by visiting Cate’s facebook page.

Be sure to come back August 1st for details on the 1st ever Plot Monster Writing Contest!


2 thoughts on “Author Spotlight #2 – Cate McKoy

  1. thebookwormdrinketh says:

    Fantastic interview! I live the advice she gave to aspiring authors, writing something every day will definitely help prevent writer’s block, keep everything you write as well, you never know what might help you build an idea down the row! I also love the advice to read everything before signing, and be properly represented!.. I hope she wasn’t speaking from a bad experience!

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