The Innocents

Description from Goodreads:

Pinkerton Detective Abigail MacKay is a master of disguises—and of new crime-solving technology! But she’ll have to move fast to stay a step ahead of Nat Quinn and Jake Conroy.

Nat and Jake are the ringleaders of The Innocents, a western gang that specializes in holding up trains carrying payrolls—and Nat is pretty savvy when it comes to using the new sciences of 1868 in committing his crimes.

Charismatic Nat and handsome Jake are on the run, and they’ve always gotten away before—before Abi. But when Abi is caught by another band of outlaws during the chase, there’s no other choice for Nat and Jake but to save her life. Abi owes them, and she agrees to help them bring in the murderer of a family friend.

The web of criminal activity grows more entangled with each passing day, but Nat, Jake, and Abi are united in their efforts to find the murderer. Once that happens, all bets are off, and Abi will be turning Nat and Jake over to the law. But can she do it? She finds herself falling for Nat, but is that growing attraction real? Or is he just using her to learn more about the Pinkertons’ methods? Abi always gets her man—but she may have met her match in her “best enemies”—THE INNOCENTS.


Thank you to C. A. Asbrey, Prairie Rose Publications and BookTasters for the ebook that I received in exchange for an honest review.

The Innocents by C. A. Asbrey has 356 pages and was published by Prairie Rose Publications in 2018.

Abigail McKay is a Pinkerton detective trying to make her way in a man’s world. While trying to solve a series of train robberies, Abi is captured by a band of outlaws and subsequently rescued by the train robbers. Will she be able to outsmart the “bad guys” without losing her heart?

The Innocents is the first novel in a mystery series set in the Old West. Asbrey does a fantastic job of bringing the characters and story to life. This book is fun and easy, a perfect light summer read.

The Innocents is an entertaining novel by debut author C. A. Asbrey. I would recommend this book for fans of historical fiction and cozy mysteries.

Rating: 4  Plot Monster Spiders


About the Author:

C.A. Asbrey is a writer of mysteries, and a fan of all things Victorian and obscure. A former member of law enforcement in Scotland, she developed a deep interest in early forensics and detection methods, particularly during the 19th Century, working in the field. This extensive research into early detectives and the tools available to them acted as the foundation for developing the characters in her The Innocents Mystery Series. She likes her mysteries twisty, complex, and intricate; through a fog of history and a touch of light humor.


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