Fragile Hearts Release


~~~~~Fragile Hearts is LIVE~~~~~

Grab your copy of Fragile Hearts by Nicole Strycharz & Steve Wilhelm for only $0.99!

Buy Link:


From the authors who brought you The Divorce and The Another Time series

What happens when two authors from across the US meet at a signing in The Big Easy during Mardi Gras?

Things that not even they could have written up. . .

Jakob Shaw is a top-ranking author, whose burnout has brought him to a dead end. Due to a dark night in his past, he finds himself isolated and facing a crumbling career if he can’t get past the fog of writer’s block and a lack of motivation. His celebrity status is now on a timer that’s running thin, and being a loner is taking its toll.

Meanwhile, Mikaela Monroe, a rising star in the industry, struggles to balance her career with her chaotic family life. Having experienced fair-weather love, she works to provide a sanctuary for what few loved ones she has left.

After crashing into one another’s lives, Mikaela and Jakob continue to swerve into each other’s paths; leading to a few broken rules, wild fun, and steamy memories.

These two authors are walking away from New Orleans with a dose of passion, fresh inspiration, and a little something more…

Three special rules to live well by:
“Home is not four walls, it is a feeling. Everyone has reasons, the question is if they are good or bad, and lies are loud, but the truth is usually silent.”




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