Author Spotlight – G. M. Stephenson


Dani Morgan worked hard to realize her dream and now owns a pastry shop in a hot casino in Las Vegas. She has her family, her best friend, and her pet ferret and life is perfect, but someone wants to take Dani’s dream.

Zane Bradford has one passion, his security company, and he take it seriously. When he and Dani cross paths one night during an altercation at a restaurant, Zane discovers another passion.

As things heat up between Dani and Zane, someone puts a plan in motion to destroy everything Dani’s achieved. Now the girl who never thought she had time for love will have to learn to trust the man who never thought he needed love or she’ll risk losing everything.


Dani was all but bouncing next to Zane at the airport baggage claim area.

“Settle, kitten. You gonna go open those doors yourself?”

“Don’t tempt me. What’s taking so long?”

The passengers finally trickled in to pick up their bags and the first person they saw was a slender girl with flaming red hair and freckles and the same golden eyes as Dani.



The twin shrieks should’ve cracked glass. The women hurtled toward each other, jumping up and down, hugging like they were trying to save each other from drowning.

Zane stood off to the side shaking his head. A big man and an older version of Dani joined him.

“You must be Zane.” The big man held out his hand.  Zane took it and gave a good, long look at Dani’s father. About six foot and built like a linebacker, James Morgan looked like a cop, retired or not. His dark brown hair had streaks of gray at the temples and his face showed lines from a life of laughter and worry. His handshake was firm, with none of the macho squeezing games insecure men tried.

“Dani talks about you all the time. Pleasure to meet you, sir.” Zane turned to the auburn-haired woman next to him and found himself caught in a tight hug.

“It’s so good to meet a man who can get Dani’s head out of the kitchen, and such a good looking one, too. Dani sure knows how to wait for a good thing.  You must call me Rachel, dear. We’ll be spending so much time together this week. I can’t wait.”

Zane chuckled at how she babbled, just like her daughter. How would her husband handle her?

Zane didn’t have to wonder long. Dani’s father grabbed his wife and kissed her hard.

“Woman, take a breath.” He rumbled.

“Goodness,” she sighed, “I’ll just go get the girls moving, or we’ll stand here all day.”

Dani’s dad turned to Zane. “Woman gets going and doesn’t stop until she runs down. I expect you’ve already run into the same problem with my Dani. I also expect you solve it the same way, but I don’t want to know about that. Call me Jim, son, and let’s go get the bags. By the time we wade through that mess, they might be ready to go.”

Zane looked over at the three women now hugging and crying off to the side and chuckled. “May take dynamite to move them along, but I like your optimism.”

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about the author

GM Stephenson is the author of contemporary romance series Lucky Vegas, wife of a gentleman farmer, mother of an adult daughter, and creator and destroyer of worlds.

Fresh from her win in the National Novel Writing Month Challenge, GM self-published her first novel, Treat Me Sweet, in January 2018. She is continuing with the Lucky Vegas series, as well as other writing projects that come to her.

GM’s dream is to share the universe she visits in her mind with anyone who cares to join her. Her goal is to create a world readers will want to immerse themselves in again and again.


What inspired you to be an author? 

I want to share the worlds I make up in my head with other people. I’d like to know that pieces of me, the best parts, are out there for the world to see and hopefully to like.


What genre do you write?

I’m writing a contemporary romance series that is on book 3, but I have a sci-fi trilogy in the works.


What is your current project?

Book 3 of my Lucky Vegas series is around 1/4 done. The title is Safe Places.


What were you like as a child? Did you like to write then?

My entire life, as long as I can remember, I’ve had movies playing in my mind. Sometimes it was about a situation I was in and how it might play out. Sometimes I made up scenes for people I saw in the mall or at school. It made interacting with people in real life awkward for me, but the world inside my head more than made up for it. I wrote my first book in first grade. It was about a cat and I did the illustration myself.


What is your favorite book? Why?

I don’t think I could choose a favorite book. I love so many. I can tell you one book that I read over and over is Fearless by Lauren Gilley. The hero is perfect, flawed, devoted, complex. The heroine isn’t the typical sweet, innocent, good girl. She has edges and tragedy and loves him with all her heart. I fell in love with the characters in this book, and isn’t that what we all want?


What is your favorite book that you have written? Why?

Asking that is like asking which child is your favorite. I have great fondness for my first book, Treat Me Sweet, because it was my first. It’s dedicated to my Papa, who passed away over twenty years ago and never got to see my name in print. He always thought I was the most brilliant girl ever born.


Do you ever use a pseudonym? Why or why not?

I do use a pen name. When I began this journey I wasn’t sure how my parents would fell about my writing. They’re religious conservatives and I didn’t want to put them in an embarrassing position, since my books are a little steamy. They’ve been nothing but supportive and my Mom even read my first book, although she said she had to skip the ‘dirty’ parts.


Do you have a writing routine?

I don’t have much of a routine. Life gets so busy sometimes I just try to sneak in as much writing time as I can. Weekends are my favorite. My husband sleeps in and I get up early so I have a couple of hours of quiet bliss to write away.


How do you decide on character names and plots? 

Plots come from anywhere and everywhere. It could be a news story, a song, even something I see at the store. When I was a teenager I wrote a truly terrible gothic romance after hearing the song If You Could Read My Mind by Gordon Lightfoot. It was a hot mess about the ghost of a highwayman in a wishing well and a young aristocratic girl who falls in love with him. The whole thing was full of tragedy, angst, an attempted forced marriage, you name it. All that from one song. As for the names of the characters, those come when I start character sheets. After a physical and character description I’ll just say something like ‘This girl is a Jennifer, for sure’.


Are you a full time author or do you have a day job?

I would love to make writing my full time job, but alas I want medical insurance and a 401k. I work as a clerk at a factory buried in paper all day and then writing all evening.


What is your latest book and what was the inspiration for it? 

Safe Places is my current work in progress. It’s the story of Detective Derek Evans from book 1 and 2, and Sierra Malcolm. The inspiration for this one is the crazy hangups people have about sex. Sierra wants to show people that sex isn’t dirty and disgusting, nor is it a sporting event. She wants to bring fun back to sex and a sense of connection and emotion. I hope people will fall in love with her and Derek.


 Do you have any advice for aspiring authors? 

Don’t plan to write, prepare to write, think about writing, or look into publishing. Just write. So many new writers get mired in the details of publishing, marketing, indie or traditional, websites and author pages. It’s enough to make your head explode. Don’t worry about any of that junk. Just write your story. All that will come later. My only piece of advice is just write.



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