Parliament House Publishing Agrees To Sponsor Upcoming Word Weaver Fantasy Contest!

Great news!

Dan Alatorre

parliament house cropMORE exciting news, gang!

The Parliament Housea Florida based publisher, has agreed to sponsor an upcoming Word Weaver Writing Contest with a fantasytheme!

You wanted a fantasy contest/ we are having one – with an amazing publisher attached!

Slated for early 2019, The Parliament House will be offering the first place prize in a Word Weaver writing contest with a fantasy theme.

From Parliament House president Shayne Leighton:

“We specialize in fantasy, be it paranormal, contemporary, urban, or otherwise.”

That’s perfect for us, gang!

Parliament is looking for

  • Unique characters, and your voice must capture our attention.

  • We are looking for the different and unusual.

  • Classic fairy tale retellings are acceptable, as long as they have a fresh twist

So OUR contest will highlight those elements!

parliament house 2

The Parliament house recently signed Word Weaver contest winner Heather Kindt, and YOU could be next!

A18N9kt38hL._UX250_ author Heather kindt

Parliament House…

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