Call for Submissions: Forgotten Fairy Tales

Beth Buck


Immortal Works Publishing is ready to announce its latest short story anthology. Our working title is Forgotten Fairy Tales.

You don’t have to be a child to enjoy the magic of fairy tale literature. We keep retelling Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White because they are stories that last and endure through the ages and everybody likes them. Yet for some reason film and YA novels tend to stick with retelling the same eight stories, even though the corpus of world literature includes thousands of folktales. The day has arrived to shine some light on the stories that have been neglected and hidden – the ones that remain largely unknown. To that end, Immortal Works wants your reimaginings and retellings of the fairy tales most people haven’t heard of.

For your submission to be considered for inclusion in our anthology, keep in mind:

  • We’re looking for short…

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Where the Black Trees Grow by MD Walker

My dress clung limply to my body, drenched in sweat, as I rushed through the pitch-black alleys and side roads. Trash littered the walkways and mysterious shadows lurked around every corner. Still I hurried on. Mama always said that New Orleans after dark was no place for proper young ladies, but proper young ladies don’t … Continue reading Where the Black Trees Grow by MD Walker


Write Right

The first ever WRITE RIGHT 500-words writing contest!

“The time is now.”


  1. Include the sentence – “The time is now” without any alteration in a 500 – word piece of any genre of your choice.
  2. The piece should be minimum of 450 words and maximum of 500 words to qualify for the contest.
  3. Only original content will be considered, please refrain from plagiarism.
  4. Last day for submission is 24th September, 2018 23:59 IST
  5. You can send up to a maximum of 3 entries, only the entry mailed first will be considered for the contest.
  6. By taking part in the contest, you give us the permission to post your piece on the website, the Facebook page and all associated social media pages.

How to submit?

  1. Mail your entry to
  • Subject line should be: 500-Sept 
  • Include the title of the story
  • Include your full name or pseudonym
  • Include…

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2nd Place Winner of the PM Writing Contest

Jerome of the Rosary by Steven Spitzer A light burned dimly in the corner of the basement, its light slowly creeping into the darkness.  Wooden stairs were just visible, the side of each step tracing a vague, staccato line up towards the ceiling.  A table stood in the center of the room, surrounded by darkness … Continue reading 2nd Place Winner of the PM Writing Contest