Superhero Harry

Description from Goodreads:

Harry is a bit messy and a lot clumsy. But he truly believes he is a superhero. He constantly leaves messes and chaos in his wake, yet he still manages to make every situation better. So who’s to say he isn’t a superhero? This comical early chapter book series will prove that having a positive attitude and energetic spirit are just as heroic as fighting evil villains.


Superhero Harry by Rachel Ruiz has 161 pages and is scheduled to be published in 2018 by Picture Window Books.

Thank you to NetGalley, Rachel Ruiz and Picture Window Books for the eARC I received in exchange for a fair review.

Superhero Harry is a book about an enthusiastic, spunky second grader. He loves science and superheroes and this inspires him to invent superhero gadgets that may or may not work. This particular book is made up of four separate stories – The Superhero Project, The Recess Bully, The Runaway Robot and The Wild Field Trip. With easy-to-read language, this is a fun early chapter book for littles that love superheros.

Recommended for teeny tiny superheros everywhere.

Rating: 3 Plot Monster Jr. Spiders


MDW original review. Source: Netgalley.

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