Dog Gone Ghost

Description from Goodreads:

Who let the dogs…and cats…out?

Verity Long’s new ghost hunting career has gone to the dogs, literally. A spirit is releasing animals from their cages at the Sugarland Animal Rescue Center. It’s an unusual haunting that gets even more bizarre when she uncovers a new clue in a case of a missing child. Verity vows to reunite the lost boy with his family. And when she does, Verity just might answer the age-old question: Do all dogs go to heaven?


Dog Gone Ghost by Angie Fox has 53 pages and was published in 2017 by Moose Island Books.

When the animals at a local shelter start escaping their pens each night, Verity must investigate. She soon learns that the ghost responsible is a young boy looking for his dog. Will she be able to help reunite them?

Dog Gone Ghost is a short story (#4.5) in the Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries. This novella is a quick, easy read and one that fans of this series are sure to love. It is a bit sad as the ghost involved in this tale is a child. However, Fox manages to mix in a bit of humor, as usual.

If you are looking for an entertaining short story, look no further. Dog Gone Ghost is a fun read for fans of paranormal mysteries.

Rating:  5 Plot Monster Spiders


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MDW original review.  Source:  Amazon.

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